Archivio mensile:gennaio 2017


New contingent of taken girls
hastily at employment office
are stirring attract my attention;
fail to open workplace edifice
with the fellows enclosed inside:
absurd have not learned once for all
to release stop at safety lock.
I retrace help them through long hall.
Sublime futuristic library
that overlooking the old square,
gives me feeling of being screened
into a unreal dimension and flair.
What year is it?
The scenery of downtown is dark,
surreal image from silver screen,
static, seemingly deserted.
Called to a wedding transmarine
from a pair of unknown spouses.
Aunt hands me a white cell phone casket.
After we linger at the match
and so arrive late for grand banquet:
it can not be attend either paying,
replies waiter daddy and mom.
Back on road to reflect a how
return the package quoted on.

(hommage à Keith Reid)


Ottonari in rime alternate a versi sciolti
(XXVIII.XLIV – 10.11 A)